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  • Does your website offer tools for international business research, over 8,000 resource links, over 700 articles, country profiles and export guides?
  • Is the content on your website really helpful to your international business audience?

If you answered “no” to either of these questions, here’s why iBiz247 Licensing is for you:

  • You can provide more services and resources to your website audience
  • No need to redirect your audience to anyone else’s website
  • Increase your website content and traffic
  • Avoid the need to hire and pay professional staff to research, manage, and maintain resources
  • A system worth thousands of dollars ready to be implemented on your own site at minimal cost
  • White labeling

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Over 700 of international business and global trade articles. Content added daily.

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Over 8,000 resource links in several categories including organizations, travel & culture, guides, glossaries, success stories, industry profiles, statistics, trade agreements, and more.

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Resources, guides, travel alerts, trade agreements, culture & protocol, export information, videos and important information by country and regions.

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The Export Guide guides you through the export process as simply as possible. In each step suggested you will find checklists, videos, articles, tips, etc., all at the exact moment you will need them.

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Live Samples of Sections

Visit some of our license partner websites to see how they’ve incorporated our resources into their sites:


San Diego & Imperial District Export Council

go to Resource Center box on the main page


CaliBaja BiNational MegaRegion

go to Resource and Business Center box on the main page or through the International Business tab at the top


iBiz247 International Business Center

go to the Resources tab at the top left of the page

How It Works


1) We give you the codes that correspond to each section to embed on your own website (section list below)

2) You add the codes to new or existing pages on your site

3) Within minutes, your resources are live and ready to use by your audience!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who handles technical questions?
We have a designated department available to help you and your audience when you need it. Contact:

Do we have to re-design our website?
No, our systems embed HTML code on any new or existing pages on your website.

The system may require new pages on your site. We will provide you with several codes and instructions on where to place them. The implementation process is very easy but may require your web administrator to add minor CSS code. If you do not have a web administrator and need help, we are able to assist you for an additional fee. If you do not want to add the necessary pages to your website for the codes to be embedded, we also offer the option to re-create a standalone website ( that mimics your existing website design where your current page can redirect to and your audience will not feel they are leaving your site. This option has an additional cost.

Who places the embed code on our page?
Your website administrator.

What is the typical implementation timeframe?
Preparing and implementing the system on to your website takes approximately two weeks.

Do we have to give iBiz247 access to manage our own website?
No, that is not necessary.

What systems are supported? We can supply you an JavaScript code which allows you to place any of our sections on your existing website. The section seamlessly becomes a part of the page, giving you the most professional look and brand integrity. Your users will remain on your site while using the app, which is served from our servers.

We are only interested in displaying some of the sections on our website; is this possible?
Yes, you can display all or any you select for the same cost.

Does iBiz247 provide counseling or trade services to our audience?
No, iBiz247 does not provide such services. Our main activities consist of conducting international trade research to feed and update our digital data bank and to provide service organizations with the platform to access this data bank while both adding content to their websites. We do provide trade research for organizations that need it, but we do not solicit. Please ask us about this service.

Why would my organization want to display resource links when many can be found on Google?
Having all the sources in one place reduces research time and offers the audience reliable choices they may not have thought of or did not know that existed.

How do I know that the information/resources supplied are reliable?
iBiz247 collects and organizes official and unbiased resources from all over the world, then we organize and add them to our data-bank. iBiz247 does not create content nor gives opinions on any topic.

For questions and more information please contact us:




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