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“I would like to say many thanks to the team for comprehensive, informative, and very user friendly website. It is a really “all-in-one international business center and marketplace” with the interesting researches and outstanding informational content. I think the way you have organized such a broad range of information – makes the site really stand out from all the rest.

At the same time, I was truly delighted with the communicational services, and I continue to be amazed that the ibiz247 offers such a high quality B2B services absolutely free of charge. I would highly recommend all entrepreneurs who is serious about taking their business to the next level to explore all the opportunities available at the ibiz247. I’ve already emailed the link to a number of my business-friends. I am sure that this resource is going to help a lot of people from a global business community that will benefit from the valuable and insightful information you have made available. Thank you for creating such an incredible resource!”

Konstantin Krinski – IBSO Chairman

“What a great concept! I cannot wait to begin using this site. I am a business writer; web content, mission statements, proposals, award submissions, ad copy, basically anything a business may need written. I had not even thought of the international potential for my services until I saw iBiz247. What a perfect match for my business, and probably lots of others. I used to work for the San Diego Chamber helping folks figure out their business puzzles, make connections and generally find their way. There is a lot of untapped potential here for sure…”

Keith Woolgar




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